99 Problems

If the reports about Damon Dash are true, I wonder if he thinks about why a brand is always better than one commodity underneath that brand's umbrella.

One of the worst thing you could ever do is take the rights to one of the most slept on albums to have ever dropped. Yes, Reasonable Doubt is a classic! I copped it on the humble and was blown away like an unexpected tornado, but the public (buyers and listeners) didn't jump on the album until Hard Knock Life dropped two years later.

So I am still confused as to why Dash decided to keep his portion of the rights to the album over the entire Roc-A-Fella brand and it's offerings. I'm sure he got a nice piece of change, but a brand with clout is like a money printing press.

Heed the lesson, have someone evaluate the brand equity before you pass on it for a piece of the pie instead of the entire pie (word to Thursday!).

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