John Forte

A couple of days ago, Bush's people announced that G-Dub was preparing his presidential pardons.

According to allhiphop.com and Miss Info, former rapper John Forte got the ultimate hook-up. GBJ just gave him a get out of jail card like a good pull from a "Chance" deck.

If you don't remember Forte, think back to when The Fugees and Wyclef were on top of the game.

Then, as fast as Forte came, he went; going from burgoening rap star to drug trafficer headed to the clink for a 14yr bid.

There's more to his story on wikipedia. Take a minute to check out who was in Forte's corner.

EDIT 00:45 EST

Shouts to Hip Hop is Read for the video link. They also have a quote from Talib Kweli, a long time friend of Forte, on his release.

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