Viva La Hova

Mixing acapellas with various beats is nothing new. These gems, once know as blends, have been staples of mixtapes since they were on actual tapes.

Then, 9th Wonder, the famous producer/ DJ (formerly of Little Brother) took blends to the next level when he remixed Nas' God's Son album in '02/'03. The product, God's Stepson, set the industry and internet on fire. Put another way, it 's the reason Jay-Z officially released an all-acapella version of The Black Album on CD, and then encouraged producers to hit the world with their best shots. One of the most acclaimed projects to come from this was Danger Mouse's The Grey Album, which mashed The Beatles The White Album together with Jay's Black Album.

In 2004, Jay-Z and Linkin Park teamed up to deliver Collison Course, which helped to usher mash-ups into the mainstream psyche.

Recently Mick Boogie and Terry Urban got together and wondered what would happen if Jay-Z and Cold Play collided. The answer- Viva La Hova!

This is one of the best mash-up mixtapes you will ever hear. Each song is carefully crafted to give both the music and lyrics of songs we've all heard before a completely new personality. And if memory serves me correctly, each song is individually produced. Yet, the album is seamless and far from scattered. I'm sure that credit goes to Boogie and Urban.

It's on my iPod and should be on your as well. Enjoy!


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