iPhones for the Low Low

This, by no means, is one of these moments:

But it is, in fact, true. Coming to a Walmart near you is an iPhone that will retail for $99. According to Advertising Age (via Bloomberg), the retailer will be carrying a slightly stripped down version of the phone.

While there are people who will probably scratch their head, while others are appauled by the suppossed "lowering" of the phone's profile, I think it is a great opportunity to tap into new demographic markets and leverage customers who support the "low end" of the Apple product offerings like the iPod Shuffle.

Take some time to read the article it is a great example of a company taking advantage of the opportunity the market has created by offering a product at a resonable price. And potentially building brand loyalty with a customer base that they have generally ignored. Another benefit to Apple will be the built in exposeure users will have to the world of Apple, including their stores and the other products they offer.

The one question I have is: How do the campout folks think about this? Either way, it makes for an interesting Macworld next month.


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