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Today must have been called Beef Thursday because things seems to cooking.

A week or so ago Rick Ross leaked his new single Mafia Music. The joint knocks and definitely lets you know Ross is on his grind. His lyrics are clever and poignant anf he even finds time to drop an unexpected bomb on one, Curtis Jackson.

Check the lyrics:

you eat from the bowl
why ya dog need a fork
n#$$@s aint loyal
snake slithered in a coil
I'm laughing at you cuz
kill you when I'm bored
we stepping on your crew
til them muthafuckas crushed
and making sweet love to every woman that ya lust
Curtin Jackson baby mama
I aint askin for a cent
burn the house down
gotta buy another
don't forget the gas can
jealous stupid muthafucka
to another chapter
paper that I capture
caught up in the rapture
of gun shots and laughter

As you can see he definitely names drops 50, but I also wanted to take the lyrics before and after the obvious to perhaps provide a better look into the upper cut.

Check it out for yourself:

Rick Ross- Mafia Music

Tonight 50 dropped his reply. And if you've followed his career then you know Ross threw 50 a strike run down the plate for him to hit out of the park. For instance, the joint starts off with chants of Officer Ricky.

Check the lyrics:

f@&&0t must a thought he knocked me out like Kimbo
gonorhea lips
breath stronger than indo
fat fuck playing Wii Fit Nintendo

every other word out ya mouth's bout a bird
like you sling cocaine this shit is upsurd
youse a rapper a muthafuckin rapper

And it doesn't stop there. DJ "We the Best" Khaled? Check. Lil "The Main Course" Wayne? Check.

I haven't been feeling much of what 50's been dropping lately (Get Up grew on me), but I'm riding with this joint. Who knows, coming at 50 may have been what he needed to get back into the zone.

50 Cent- Try Me

Keep your ears to the streets (read: internet) cause this looks like it's going to be a good one.

UPDATE: Ross' response Shouts to Nah Right!

Shouts to super producers, Tha Bizness for the Ross joint!

Shouts to Miss Info for the 50 joint!

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