Never Seen A Man Cry...

... Til I Seen a Man Die.

Change, huh? Seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

R.I.P. homie!


Let's take a pause from the fun and get serious for a second. I am not going to act like I have the answers or that I even know what to do, but make no doubt about it, I am sick to my stomach. Even though I knew the outcome, I still dropped my jaw when I heard the gun shot.

On some real shit, what kind of world are we living in, when a man will take another man's life in front of the world? You would think that the mere fact that the public was watching would sway the cops into doing everything by the book. Apparently not!
So with exactly two weeks until history is made, what are we suppossed to think? Do?

I hear Marvin calling- What's Going On? History seems to be stuck on repeat.

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