The kid Charles Hamilton has a lot of people talking right now. Awhile back I posted one of his mixtapes and he was featured on the cover of XXL as one of the Freshmen 10 that they expected to make noise in '09.

Apparently dude had a show the other day and noticed that Serius Jones was in the building. I would explain, but it's better if you watch:

Charles Hamilton vs. Serius Jones @ S.O.B's from Music Addicts Only on Vimeo.

When I first heard about it, the streets (read: the internet) made it seem like Hamilton got ethered. But after watching the video, I thought he did alright. They both had a couple lines, but Jones landed the bigger line with the AKA line. But other than that, it was just light sparring.

Here's where the progression comes in. Hamilton went from a couple jabs with head gear on into a potential slot on the next edisode of The Contender.

You heard Hamilton drop Rhymefest's name. Now hear Rhymefest's reply.

Rhymesfest- Super Sonic (Chunky Cheese)

Update: See Rhymefest's explanation here.

Shouts to TSS for the video!
Shouts to Mario for the link!

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