All-Star Blues

Remember when you were younger and you just couldn't wait to see all of your favorite NBA players get together to put on a show during All-Star weekend? From the hoopla associated with the dunk contest to the game itself, the NBA All-Star game prided itself on being (only baseball purists will argue this) the best of all of the major sports All-Star games. Before free agency really started kicking in, where else could you see A.I. throw an alley-oop to KG? Or Duncan finding Kobe on the wing for a 3? Or how about just knowing that at any moment during the game, you could see some graviti defying dunk that would just leave you speechless?

It's been a while since I felt that way about the All-Star game. The dunk contest has moved from being the premier event to an almost afterthought. And the other events? Well, they're not even worth mentioning. So that brings us to the game itself. Not sure when I stopped really caring about the game. Maybe it was when MJ retired...the first time. Regardless of when it was, I can definitely tell you the reason why: the game lost its luster. There was no excitement, no big personalities to make things interesting.....

.....and then there was Shaq. Lets face it, Shaq is probably the biggest personality in the NBA. From the sound bites to the nicknames, Shaq definitely keeps things interesting. So when everybody else is playing it cool during intros, what does The Big Shaqtus do to give us that excitement we crave? Well lets just say this is one of those moments when the video speaks louder than words:

Shaquille O'Neal 2009 All-Star Intro

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