All the Way Live

This is what happens when you release a video with your artist on it. Then, a day or two later, your artist releases his own video.

I just posted the Day 'N' Night video and apparently it debuted on 106 & Park this evening. Here are Kanye and Cudi doing verses from different projects:

Things to Notice:

How the crowd tries to establish a beat for Cudi and he completely rips through it like 'F it'!

That the duck tale is still in effect mode!

That Kanye likes things his way!

That he really is going to do what he feels!

That if you are turning strippers "extra dyke," you should immediately shut the hurricane or rain cloud down. The money you're wasting is like the money NBA teams pay in luxury tax- double.

That emo is officially what's hood!

Bonus: Kanye on The Wake Up Show Pt. 1

Props to 2 Dope Boyz for the videos!

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