Allow Me to Introduce...

the homie G9.

If you've ever checked out the posted by link, then you know that this has been a one man operation. But that just changed when my new P-N-C just popped his posting cherry.

I've know G9 since the second semester of our freshman year in '96 when we took zoology together, but it's our love of music that has solidified this partnership. In our crew, G9 is Mr. Exclusive because he always sent the latest and freshest links to us.

To some degree the sources you see to your right have replaced my need for G9, but I know there are readers and followers that will appreciate the those efforts. Therefore. bringing him on board was an easy decision. We also have something plans in the works, so be on the lookout for the announcements.

Real Quick Shout Out

I wanted to take this time to thank everyone that has stopped by. I appreciate the time you've spent going through and peeping what has been posted. Like I said, G9 and I have a lot in store for this blog, we ask that you keep riding with us as we hit you with a plethora of information, opinions and commentary.

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