The Grammy Remix Project

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are back with another remix project:

The inspiration behind the project:

Terry Urban and I thought it would be cool to honor the Grammys by doing a special remix project of our favorite Grammy nominees for 2009.

Ironically, looking back at our projects the past 12 months, it seems we were definitely barking up the right tree... since Coldplay, Jay-Z and Adele all were nominated for multiple Grammys. We decided to go through the list of nominees and work with our favorite producers to come up with some really cool takes on your favorite nominated songs.

Ever wonder how Kanye would sound rapping on Kenna's song? What if The Jonas Brothers sang over some hiphop breakbeats? What if Thom Yorke sang on Lupe's "Superstar?" What if Sara Bareilles bought a sampler and not a piano? The list goes on... but the answers can be found here.

2009: The Grammy Remix Project

Shouts to The Press Play Show for the link!

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