Mixtape About Something

By no means is this new, but I finally got around to listening to it and I think it's definitely worth your time. The Mixtape About Something...I Think was inspired by Wale's Mixtape About Nothing. As seen by the cover, the sitcom that serves as the basis for this creation is Martin.

If you haven't checked it out or never heard of RA or this mixtape, you should give it a listen. The beats are on point and I like how Ra displays versatility by singing and spitting. I also like the diversity of content. It ranges from bobo Jordans to unity in the D.M.V. to the question of skin color in the black community.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Hypebeast X Judah X Mick Boogie Present: Ra the MC - Mixtape About Something


Ra the MC- A Trip to Neptune

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