Navy Blues

I think it started in '88 when my moms bought me some low top Fila in all blue. Or maybe it was in '93 when Nautica and Hilfiger hit the scene with their respective sailing and all-amercian themes. Either way, navy blue was my favorite color. At some point over the last 10 years, it navy blue has morphed into black. I don't know what the catalyst for the change was, but I tried to keep my eyes on navy.

That's one of the reasons I love spring and summer. So many designs and inspirations for these collections include navy blue. With the days getting a little longer and the weather creeping upwards, I've begun thinking about what I will be wearing. It looks like the color Gods are moving in my favor. Here's a look at some of my favorite footwear for the upcoming season:

For more information on each shoe, click the respective pic.

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