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This ish is getting tiring, but 50 Cent and Ross called into the Funkmaster Flex and Miss Info shows respectively. I haven't listened yet, but thank Nah Right for posting the links. You can thank me for copy, pasting and transcribing the important statements for your reading pleasure.

50 on Flex Pt. 1

50 on Flex Pt. 2

50 on Flex Pt. 3

Ross on Info Pt. 1

Ross on Info Pt. 2

Notes from 50's call into Flex:
This started with Ross referencing 50's baby's moms in Mafia Music.

50 references Angela Yee's interview with Ross.

50 can't remember Ross being at the BET Awards.

50 never had a reason to talk to Ross and thinks this is coming from DJ Khaled (Fat Joe affiliate)

50 has received calls from DefJam (Ross' label) asking him to chill.

In a weird twist of irony, the entire segment is sponsored by the NYC Department of Corrections. Seriously!

The 48 hours Ross gave 50 to come better gave him the the vision to get in touch with Ross' baby's mother, Tia.

Flex thinks moms are off limits. Obviously, 50 doesn't agree.

50 doesn't think Ross can recover from what has transpired.

Ross should have Come Clean (word to Jeru) when the C.O. allegations first came out.

50 has more in store; we've only seen the introduction.

50 name drops Jackie O.; more in store on this front.

50 references Ross' son.

Notes from Ross' call into Info:
Tia's book is coming out the day of Ross' album.

Ross is not going to stand in the way of her making money, so he encouraged her to go to NYC.

50 has never hurt a bird; he's an informant; he'll probably be surround by cops.

50 doesn't count in the south.

Mafia Music ended 50's career; he hasn't charted a #1 song in, "lord knows how long."

[50] makes Dr. Dre look like "ish"!

Em is a genius and the worst move he ever made was signing 50.

50 is known as "Curly" down south.

There you have it folks! Just know that I do this for you. I listened to it, so you don't have to. lol

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