This Should be Ending Soon

Yesterday Ross dropped his new diss, Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly. Check it out and then we'll get into a quick discussion about it.

Rick Ross- Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly

Here's the quick and dirty rundown:

50 is a monkey.

Ross can retire and let his money work for him.

50's a swaggerless informant.

This beef has been free promotion for Ross.

50's a monkey X 10

Ross shouts out Bang'em Smurf



Ross says's he'll disrespect 50 until he dies.

Ross has a joint on his album called Schindler's List that is so disrespectful.

My Thoughts

When it all comes down to it, this is the wackest diss record I have ever heard. There is not one line that makes you go, "ouch," but the whole song does make me cringe.

This morning 50 dropped his second Ross inspired cartoon. Check it here:

At this point, I don't think Ross has done one thing to when this battle. It's time for the ref to step in and call the fight. Ross has taken too many head shots and could be potentially harmed for life if he continues to take these types of blows.

Shouts to Low Key for putting me down with the audio and video!

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