Together Again

Sometimes we all have short memories. Sometimes it's just better to forget. Most of us fall into the former category. Jadakiss and DJ Green Lantern probably fall into the latter.

For those of you that don't remember, Jadakiss and Green Lantern had a falling out a couple years ago when Jadakiss taped a conversation where Green Lantern was encouraging him to "come a little harder" with his next diss to one, 50 Cent. I know the taping thing is kind of ironic, but in this case Jada was being filmed and failed to mention it when Lantern called him.

In many ways Lantern lost more than Jada because of this. To that point Lantern was EM's tour DJ. But when the video got out of him conversing with someone in an "enemy" camp, Lantern was forced/asked to leave the Shady crew.

What's funny is, life has a way of taking care of itself sometimes. Lantern went on to get his production credits up and even go on Jay-Z's world tour where they were providing clean water to places that didn't even have running water.

After a couple years of grow and probably a couple of conversations, Jada and Lantern are back to making mixtapes that make the streets and net go crazy. The first time the champ was here. This time the champ is back. Even if the tape is called The Champ is Here Pt. II.

DJ Green Lantern/Jadakiss- The Champ is Here Pt. II

Shouts to Nah Right for the link!

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