Jaz-O Speaks...Again

It's been a little while since we've last heard from Jaz-O, but it's not like we've really missed him during that time.

Check out his latest interview detailing a bunch of different things... I'm lying. Ninety percent of this is about Jay-Z. Shocker!

The Rundown:

Luda should have checked Jay-Z for his verse on I Do It For HipHop

Jaz-O suggests that Luda isn't from the streets because of the way he handled it

Jaz-O thinks being last on N!$%@ What, N!$%@ Who was an insult; They should have shared the song

Sauce Money blames Jaz-O for messing up his deal

Jaz-O told Jay-Z to stop always rhyming about hustling because there was more to life that just that

Jaz-O doesn't hate Jay-Z

Even though every interview he's done recently talks about his dealings with and feeling about Jay-Z, in no way is he a snitch because no one is going to get indicted

Jaz-O doesn't understand jealousy claim because in the beginning he took Jay-Z with him everywhere he went

Jay-Z will see this interview and think to himself that Jaz-O has officially put him on blast

Jaz-O would have taken a bullet for Jay-Z

Jaz-O wishes no bodily harm to Jay-Z

Jay-Z ducks real interviews and only does them with his friends that won't ask certain questions

This interview is just the beginning; Jay-z will eventually have to fall back and dead the beef because he will no longer be able to make moves because of it

Jaz-O has no regrets in speaking on the situation

Jay-Z's armor is made of swiss cheese

Jaz-O saved Jay-Z's life by sending some other people to MD in his place because if Jay-Z went, he would not have returned

Things to Notice:

How many of us expect Luda to tell Jay-Z anything about how he should be doing something?

Was this really the confirmation you needed to know Luda isn't a "street dude"?

P.O. doesn't always mean parole officer. Sometimes it mean purchase order.

Your stance on whether or not you are to old to be rhyming ALWAYS depends on your age. Young dudes ask why. Older dudes ask why not.

Where is Jaz-O's album?

Everytime I see a Jaz-O interview I kind of laugh to myself. I'm not mad at him for trying to explain why he feels slighted by Jay-Z, the man he mentored. The thing I find funny is I always end up wondering when Jaz-O will say "F it" and move on.

To some degree everyone has been ished on by someone else-whether personal or on the job. And it's natural to want to explain your side of the situation in hopes that the people you are telling the story to will agree with you and "second that emotion." It seems to me though that you have to check your self and ask yourself, "How long am I going to let this subject agitate me?"

I do realize that Jay-Z is at fault for name dropping Jaz-O out of the blue, but Jaz-O has to be smart enough to not take the bait- real n!$%@ or not. Yeah it was disrespectful, but who is the person looking mad and grumpy in the interviews? Has public opinion (or the streets) been swayed by any of your other interviews?

It just seems like this feud between the two former friends has been going on for years without a resolution in site. How about making a dis record and keeping it moving? The interviews aren't working homie and HipHop doesn't need a Hackfield vs. McCoys storyline. We already have enough going on.

Shouts to Broken Cool for the video!

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