March 9th Revisited

Much like the man who's rhymes inspired this mixtape, March 9, 2009 has lived and moved on. But that doesn't mean you can't go back and reminisce. Eighteen days ago the one and only J. Period, along with G. Brown, dropped The Complete B.I.G. Tribute Collection. The compilation is a two part series of a walk down memory lane with one of the illest lyricists to touch the mic.

Message from the masters behind the project:

Produced over the course of 2 years by J.Period and DJ G. Brown, March 9/09: The Complete Collection brings together both sides of B.I.G. in one of the illest Biggie remix projects ever produced. Volume 1 chronicles Biggie’s dark storytelling with a collection of gangster tales over sinister musical landscapes -- crime-saga tales in the spirit of Scarface, King of New York & Menace II Society. Volume 2 delivers the other side of B.I.G.'s persona -- The Player President -- guaranteed to pack dance floors as only Big Poppa could do. Released today as a Limited Time Only Free Download at www.jperiod.com/march909, March 9/09: The Complete Collection is over 80 tracks of exclusive remixes, including previously unreleased outtakes, 12” singles and bonus material, all paying tribute to Brooklyn’s Finest, The Notorious B.I.G.

Somethings can never be too late. And if you don't know, now ya know!

J. Period & G. Brown present March 9/09 B.I.G. Tribute V1

J. Period & G. Brown present March 9/09 B.I.G. Tribute V2

J. Period & G. Brown present Unreleased Remixes and Outtakes

Shouts to J. Period for the links!

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