President Obama on Leno

The guy keeps making history. This time it was being the first sitting president to go on late night TV (or something like that ).

Quick Thoughts & Questions:

The uproar about Wall Street bonuses is funny to me. The backlash seems to be a reaction to the economy being down. But no one seems to care when te economy is booming. Those people should be just as angry (Read: Jealous) when things are going well as they are when things are going bad.

Can we bank on Jay Leno not getting the spokesperson gig for Visa?

Will the makers of Starburst experience a rise in sales?

The president's joke about Special Olympics shows that he is human. I know we have to hold the president to a higher standard, but was it really that bad? How many people haven't made that same type of joke (or something similar)?

How great was the "campaign promise" joke?

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