Rhyme & Reason 09

It just hit me that Mickey Factz' new commercial and "show" are named after the documentary I talked about last week. I guess that means you log this into the "nothing new under the sun" database. With that said, this is still a really big deal. I need to check my facts (no pun intended), but I believe Factz is still unsigned.

By no means is this a first, but it is another step in the paradigm shift of how advertisers target specific audiences. Rather than go with someone who has a proven track record of "hit records" and sales, Honda went with an up-and-comer with a tremendous buzz in the street (generally read as "on the internet" these days). Kudos to Factz team and whoever at Honda made this happen.


Mickey Factz- The Leak Vol. 1: The Understanding

Mickey Factz- Heaven's Fallout

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