First the Fat Boys Break Up...

At this point, it's no secret that Cam'ron and the Diplomats played a major part in the split between Jay Z and Dame Dash. Check out this snippet from the upcoming documentary on Jim Jones' life for some of the perspectives behind the break-up.

The documentary is broken down in chapters in chronological order. Chapter 1 and 2 discusses Jim Jones’ growing up in Harlem, the drug use, HIV in the family, blood affiliation, and reckless behavior are shown to depict how rough Jim had it growing up. Jim Jones [also] speaks candidly about his relationship with Cam’ron and how the whole Dipset movement got successful.

Check for it on May 12.

Shouts to RTNY for the video and info on the doc!

PS- If you come around here often, then you know why the pic up top is classic IMO. lol

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