When folks talk about Jay-Z albums there is one they tend to forget.

Hmmm...where do I begin.

Let's put it this way, 2001 was an extremely big year for Jay-Z. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but let's say it started when he brought Michael Jackson out on the Summer Jam stage. Or maybe it was when he gave the crowd the first verse of what would become Takeover while flashing pics of a young Prodigy of Mobb Deep dressed in dance attire. Or could it have been the "ask Nas/he don't want it with Hov" line at the end of the verse. Better yet, it could have been when he sold 400,000+ albums during the same week that the United States was humbled by terrorism on our own soil(R.I.P. to those that lost their lives). Take your pick.

On the heels of all of the aforementioned, MTV brought Jay-Z to the Unplugged stage. While that is a great look in and of itself, how much better did it turn out because The Roots were his "house band?" And if memory serves me correctly, this connection happened on extremely short notice.

Taking the crowd through a journey of his career, Jay-Z and The Roots brought new life to songs new and old. Do you remember The Roots breaking Takeover down to Shook Ones, Oochie Wally and N.Y. State of Mind. How about Jaguar Wright killing Heart of the City (Aint No Love) while The Roots broke it down to Sound Bwoy Buriell? Or when Jigga brought Mary J. Blige out to bless us with the original version of Can't Knock the Hustle, which broke into the Fool's Paradise remix version and Family Affair. The whole show and album were dope, but I always thought there were some footage that hit the cutting room floor.

I was right:

There's more. I've never even heard of this joint. I thought YN had his words mixed up (You Don't Know instead of Don't You Know):

MTV Networks, step your game up! You need some quick revenue? Put this ish on DVD. If your sister station, VH1, can put the Classic Albums episode on DVD, then you can give this the same service.

You see the tags, so you should know the source. Shouts to YN!

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