Air Yeezy: The Campout Edition

Each time a pair of the Yeezy's dropped, I spoke on the madness that was about to ensue. For those of you that didn't believe me, check out this footage from NYC. Folks were on line for these joints in the rain and cold. You'll see some people referring to it as dedication. I, on the other hand, refer to it as stupidity.

Even Torres from New York Undercover was thirsty for these. Peep him at the 3:39 mark in the video.

The reason people campout is because the shoes are limited and they want to get the them for the MSRP (aka retail) or close to it. In the sneaker world limited equals hype which equals a really high resale value. A high resale value brings out resellers who try to buy as many pairs as they can to put them up for grabs on sites like ebay , where the highest bidder determines the actual market value of the shoes. Yeezy's retailed at $215, yet most of the sales on ebay topped $400.

To be clear, everyone in line was not a reseller. There are a bunch of people that just want a pair to rock, so they have to do what's necessary to secure themselves a pair. It's an interesting dynamic. One that is essentially no different than Trekkies camping out for the latest Star Trek movie or Star Wars obsessors doing the same when their new movie hits theatres.

The third pair drops soon. Be on the lookout for more coverage.

Shouts to Broken Cool!

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