Dancing With the (Rap) Stars

Rick Ross is a funny character.

If he wasn't denying his past employment history, he was assaulting or "misfortunately" laying hands (depending on your view) on a DJ that asked questions he didn't want to answer. Then there was his pronunciation of munkey, which was probably a sneak tip move to prove to the world that he moved every "O" he ever touched.

Personally, my favorite Ross moment of hilarity was when he tried desperately to bite into the cake made in his image. You'll notice his numerous attempts at trying to devour his own head (pause) and his futile attempts at giving the haters what they wanted.

That was until I saw Ross join a marching band. Peep the scene at 1:48. In addition to previous occupations, it looks like Ross used to get his drum major on as well. Trust me, no hate, but this guy's job history goes deeper than his raps. Every few months or so we get to a glimpse into the various odd jobs and activities that got that meatloaf on the dinner table.

And now that I will be joining that DJ in the emergency room enjoy...

EDIT: I know I'm in trouble now, but I swear I just saw a vogue.

Anyway you slice it, Heavy D is somewhere proud then a mutha!

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I shout out the Double R!

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