The DJ Impulse Show

For years (and probably in the minds and hearts of some still) B-More and DC have been at odds. Most would think that 40 minutes of separation would lend itself to a commmon, unified front, right? Negatory!

However, there are people such as myself who are trying their best to unify and move as one. I do it by repping the home team in the district. The Under Sound crew gets it in on the music tip. Check out this footage from DJ Impulse from the Stussy X Stones Throw party and the Funkadelic Freestyles spring finale show.

Stussy x Stones Throw Tour Party, Washington DC from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

Funkadelic Freestyles semester finale from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

Shouts to Impulse!

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