Funkadelic Freestyles: Spring Semester Finale

Last week, the Funkadelic Freestyles crewed celebrated a successful year of bringing HipHop to the masses. Featuring a mix of national acts and up-and-coming local talent, the show turned into a D.M.V. version of the last episode of Yo! MTV Raps.

Take a look at a who's who list of D.M.V. artists doing what they do best:

Funkadelic Freestyles Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 1 from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Funkadelic Freestyles Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 2 from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Shouts out to Kokayi. This was the first time I had ever heard his name, let alone him rhyme. As you can see, the dude is super talented. Straight rhyming that broke into a sing-song flow which begot a likkle bit of reggae. This ish was mind blowing (pause) when I was listening to it. Seeing it added a completely new dimension. I didn't realize folks were holding up things to provoke the rhyme. Man! And beside the fact that this was recorded, the greatest thing is that he came back and did it again later in the show.

Also shouts go out to The Els. In case you didn't notice, the music was live. And it was The Els who provided the rhythm for the MCs to spit over.

Parts three and four are on deck. Be on the lookout! This ish was history, respect it! Til then download the podcasts (I & II) of the show. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Shouts to the whole Funkadelic Freestyles crew! The show was classic. Thanks for making it happen.

Also shouts to the homie, Ajani, for the pics. Artists you need to holla at him, he's doing an artist/producer photo shoot special.

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