Who Run It

Question: Who's the hottest rapper out right now? I'm talking in name recognition alone. Who has the most buzz going right now?

Some would probably say Wayne, but I beg to differ. Good, bad or indifferent, if you didn't say Drake, then you must be sleeping under a rock right now. In addition to being on tour, it seems like everyday folks are tearing up the internet with reports of whether or not the kid is signed. I swear I've heard that he signed to everything from Amalgam digital to Interscope. But if you let Drake tell it, he remains unsigned.

Yet, with all the buzz and sold out shows, there is a vast majority of folks who barely know the dude. For many, Drake's first appearance was on Young Money's Every Girl. And now that radio has caught wind of the Drake sensation, his You the Best is getting thousands of spins nationwide to the point where the people that were up on him are getting tired of him.

Hate it or love it, you're going to be hearing a lot more from the Toronto native and Degrassi alum.

Check out footage from his show in Chicago:

The funny thing about the fight is the look of disappointment on Drake's face. And him saying, "But I got one more song," confirms it. Shouts to Lupe for looking out for the out-of-towner.

Shouts to YN!

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