ADD Tour: The Alley Oop Stop

With the NBA playoffs coming close to a finale, Wale finds himself on a similar path. Starting over two months ago, the Attention Deficit tour has been hitting cities all across the country spreading Wale’s go-go-infused brand of HipHop. Last week the show stopped through B-More and was appropriately named the “alley oop” stop. As in, it was the stop before the “slam dunk” show in DC.

As soon as Wale hit the stage, he let everyone know that DC was in the house by starting with Breakdown. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, I would say a good 70% of the crowd had made the 40-50 mile trip up to B-More from DC, PG and MoCo. After getting the crowd hyped, Wale went into his verse from The Roots’ Rising Up and his Back in the Go-Go record.

Next, Wale slowed it down and called out the Good Girls in the crowd, which then broke out into Tribe’s Electric Relaxation and Award Tour. I have no idea if the youngsters in the crowd recognized either joint, but I saw a few people nodding their head in appreciation of the ode to one of the greatest groups of all time. Following the trip down 90s memory lane, Wale addressed an “issue” that has been festering for a couple of ticks on the clock.

There had been some questioning in certain circles of whether or not Wale had fans in Charm City. The attendance numbers would suggest that he really doesn’t, but I think it’s the go-go sound he infused into a lot of his mixtape music that has kept the city at arm’s length. It’s no secret that one of the things that separates the two cities is the music. DC has go-go and B-More has club. The sounds don’t mesh well, but Wale did us a solid by putting The B-More Club Slam aka The Elevator on The Mixtape About Nothing.

Anyway, Wale referenced the conversation and said he knew he had fans in B-More. The crowd went wild, but that wasn’t the end of the rant. Wale further went in on the opposition by calling the person out. I understood the point, but I think he stepped over the line when called dude out. And I say that not because I know the situation and the dude he called out, I say it because Wale is doing big things and dredging up silly ish like this is a waste of time and it turned out to be the only negative of the night.

From there Wale went in to a new joint he had written along with Mike Posner. It was dedicated to a chick he met that was supporting her independent, Jimmy Choo lifestyle by selling drugs. The joint seemed to be called Lindsey Lohan, Whitney Houston and featured Wale getting his crone on. Next came UCB’s Addicted, followed by Ridin in That Black Joint and Ice Cream.

After declining the audience’s request to do W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. (which he retrieved from requests from Twitter), UCB broke into the beat, so Wale let the crowd do it for him. I think at this point, if Wale ended the show, the crowd would have been satisfied. Instead, he kept the show going by telling people that Back to the Feature, the new mixtape produced entirely by 9th Wonder, would be out sometime around June 12. He told the crowd that the joint will feature a bunch of artist collabs, and it was the perfect introduction to Young Chris of the Young Gunz. Gracing the stage in a Cmonwealth fitted, the crowd got hyped when Chris went into his verse from Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. He also did his verse from No Better Love.

Chris also told a story about Wale. While on tour, Tre and Chris began calling Wale “Bunk Boy.” Apparently, Wale preferred to spend his after show time on the tour bus rather than hitting the clubs to see what the city’s women were offering. Tre countered with being young and wanting to have some fun while he could. The story served as the perfect segue way to UCB’s Sexy Lady. With the crowd at one of the highest points of the night, Wale brought B-More’s own, Paula Campbell, and a young lady from the crowd to the stage to smooth it out a little. While Tre sang to the young lady from the crowd, Wale told a story about upsetting his girl and cheating or hitting her (I can’t remember which one it was), which lead to Campbell letting loose with Jazmine Sullivan’s Window. The joint was perfect and it was a great way to show love to the host city.

Next came When I’m Gone, which broke out into Nirvana’s Teen Spirit and forced the crowd to rock out. Following the rock out moment of the night, UCB took B-More straight to a go-go. The DC metro crowd loved it and I kind of stood in amazement as go-go was getting played in B-More. Bringing the crowd back to a standstill, Wale talked about some of his friends and how much he liked their music. Shout outs went to Drake and Cudi along with a reference to a certain artist getting punched in the face. To which Wale added the point that he, “liked Nintendo better.”

To close the show, Wale performed Chillin’. Despite the record getting little to no spins on local radio, to which Wale assured the crowd he was not concerned with, the crowd seemed to be going hard for the song. Wale also shouted the troops in honor of Memorial Day and finished with Nikeboots.

All in all, the show was pretty damn awesome. Wale did a great job of making sure the crowd was thoroughly involved with the show, whether it was via Twitter or general interaction through telling stories about his experiences on the tour. I didn’t really know what to expect from the show, but I walked away thinking it was one of the best concerts I had ever been to from an up-and-coming artist. And I figure if the show in B-More was that good, then the show in DC tomorrow night will be one for the ages.

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