Nothing On You

Ever since Haterz Everywhere dropped, B.O.B./Bobby Ray has taken us on a musical journey through everything from HipHop to the blues to RnB. Rather than pigeon hole himself, or allow the industry to, B.O.B. has done an excellent job of keeping us guessing. Don't believe me? Click on the Haterz link above, listen to it and then scroll down and check out his follow up I'll Be in the Sky.

The one thing that really stands out about B.O.B.'s music is the way he walks the tight rope in commercial appeal and subject matter of substance, all while remaining relevant and building a buzz. And if you know anything about the music business, you know that it's not any easy task by any stretch; especially not in these times where quick, fast and in a hurry is the law of the land.

So after dropping a couple of mixtapes, touring the country and even contemplating retirement at one point, B.O.B. is ready to deliver his message in album form. The first single off of the album entitled, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, is Nothin' on You.

Featuring what sounds like live drums and a breezy, summer-like feel, Nothin' is an ode to the number one woman in a man's life- his lady. At some point, every man finds himself in a conversation where he has to reassure his lady that she is in fact the one.

Fellas, the next time you find yourself in this type of conversation, drop this to let her know she can calm down. It's all in her head.

Nothing on You (clean)

Nothing on You (dirty)

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