Where They Do That At?

For everyone outside of this mid-Atlantic corridor, this post may be a little confusing. For years B-More and the DC Metro area have been on some Hackfield/McCoy type ish. The "beef" is ingrained in you early, and you never really know why it is that way. Then some of us grow up and realize, that despite some cultural differences, there are still some similarities and shared experiences. So we try to push the area into a place where "we all get along" word to Rodney King.

One the of more visible people bridging the gap is DJ Quicksilva. Born and bred in B-More, yet blazing D.C. metro every night with the hottest joints on the radio during his show on WKYS has afforded him with an opportunity to unify the areas in some interesting ways.

Recently, he stepped out of the DJ Booth and into the recording booth to ask one simple question: Where they do that at?

As he states in the beginning, he's not a rapper. So you know he had to reach out just about every rhymer, and even a couple singers, in the area to hop on the remix. Not support the movement? Where they do that at?

DJ Quicksilva- Where They Do That At? (D.M.V. remix)

Let's take it up 95 for the B-More remix.

DJ Quicksilva- Where They Do That At? (B-More remix)

Shouts to Quicksilva! City College stand up.

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