Free(style) Will

Unwritten laws of the world are funny. One of the most popular ones is that everyone in the world has a twin somewhere. In most cases, this is a compliment and some people really embrace this; especially when their "twin" is a celebrity.

On the flip side, people will invoke the "twin" rule as an insult as well. This happens on a daily basis in life and in HipHop. If you hear someone getting called "Precious," then you pretty much know that they are trying to "style on you." But what happens when an intended insult turns into inspiration?

Check out Pro'Verb's new freestyle to see what he did when someone said he looked like Will Smith.

Without hearing the actual line it's hard to understand how calling someone Will Smith could be an insult, but Pro definitely showed you how to take a "negative" and turn it into something really dope. Plus, he edited the video himself. So shout out to whoever inspired this freestyle.

Pro'verb- Will Smith freestyle

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