Friday 13th

For years Jason Voohries owned the date above. And years before he laid claim to the date, people have looked at the date as some sort of curse.

It looks like the Cool Kids and Mos Def are looking to change your perception of the day with a little help from Dame Dash.

FRIDAY THE 13th: A NIGHT WITH THE COOL KIDS and MOS DEF from Creative Control on Vimeo.

I have to give Dame Dash some props. I was definitely one of those people that thought he was finito. However, through this Creative Control vids (which I figure him to be behind), I see that he continues to be a relevant figure in HipHop and the culture.

In an industry where, in a matter of seconds, the world can go from loving you to hating you; remaining relevant is highly commendable. And aligning yourself with the future isn't a bad move either. Maybe Jay-Z's "fake sh!t" line on Lost One gave Dash some perspective on how to carry himself. Or maybe I'm just reaching to tie the two back in a tight knot.

Getting back to the video, I'm looking forward to checking this film out; especially if it features more stories about Prince. We all know how great this one was.

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