Super DJs Benzi, Mick Boogie and DStar have recently collaborated to drop the third mixtape in the Motivation series, which is hosted by up-and-comer Mike Posner. Rather than speak on behalf of the triple DJ connection, I'll let them have at it.

After months of anticipation the winter’s biggest mixtape is here! this third installment in the motivation series is presented by Dope Couture...the mix is packed with well over 50 jams all mixed and mangled in the normal perfect fashion.
I should at least tell you some of the folks on it though, right? Motivation features Beyonce, Drake, Trey Songz, The Crookers, Kid Cudi, Talib Kweli and Rhianna just to name a few. Rather than just throw together the stuff you've already heard as it was originally produced, the tape features various DJ remixs to some of you favorite joints.

If you've been fiendin' for something familiar yet different, this is the mixtape you need to download.

DJs Benzi, Mick Boogie and Dstar present Motivation III

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