As I yawn from another case of the Monday's, I could easily turn that 's' into a 'd' and wax poetically about getting just enough sleep to make it through the day, but none of you would ever come back to this site if I did. Which means we should just move on to the real subject.

This post is really about the Chi-town duo who is all about being themselves: The Cool Kids. It's true, these guys aren't the type of rappers that induce a rewind after every verse, but I have to give them credit for finding away to make their songs seem effortless. And in those moments that "lack effort," I think you find their true genius.

Check out this video from the recording session for their new joint Tires and then I'll get back to the genius part.

Don Cannon + Cool Kids: Tires ft. Boldy James from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying these dudes are on the Stevie Wonder or Mike Jackson level of genius or even on the same level as their 'Go brethren Common and Kanye. What I am saying is these guys compose songs that aren't as mundane as people think. The lyrics are non-linear like Raekwon and the beats tends to be head nodders that have an element of "weird." I think it all works for them and is the reason for their success.

You probably think I'm smoking something right now, but like I said before I'm tired and it makes sense to me.

Check out the FreEP!

The Cool Kids- Merry Christmas

Shouts to Decatur Dan and Don Cannon!

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