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In addition to his No Days Off web series, it looks like Wale has another series running in conjunction with OG web site, Allhiphop and Jumpoff TV.

It didn't dawn on me that this series was "airing" until I watched it. I remember watching them film at Commonwealth, but I completely forgot to search for the footage. In a twist of coincidence, the first episode I see is the one I saw them film a piece of.

In part three of the web series The Next 48 Hours, the crew rolls with Wale as he makes the rounds in DC the day after his album hit stores.

Catch up:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Despite the issues with lack of CDs in store, Wale is doing pretty damn good. These web series give you a good glimpse into the man behind the logo and they highlight the work involved with promoting an album. I think the saying goes, "that once the album drops, that's when the real work begins."

Say what you want, he on his and doing all he can to be Drake and Trey. Even if that means we have to deal with his penchant for sensitivity on Twitter. And even then, he wouldn't be the first artist to live under that label.

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