Another Day, Another Leak

Yesterday an unreleased track by Lenny Kravitz hit the net. The track was only a snippet, but it was on it's best Clipse ish (Kind Like a Big Deal) because it featured the late King of Pop.

Today, the Sony goons scoured the net and got it taken down from various sites including You Tube. Kravitz himself was also forced into action to let the world know that the song was illegally obtained. He also talks about his contributions to the track (everything), what it was like collaborating with MJ and how he would like to present the track to the world.

While I don't believe Zoe's dad to be the yelling type, there is something kind of fishy about this. Rather than ask folks to not support the stolen property by downloading or posting it as Lupe recently did, Kravitz is in full promo mode. And I'm not knocking him , #imjustsayingthough.

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