Illegal Imagery

On his greatest album, Jay-Z used the following Prodigy lines "Illuminati want my mind, soul and body...secret society tryin' to keep an eye on me" as a part of the hook on a song called D'evils. To 99% of you this information comes as no surprise, but there is a portion of that 99% that also "read between the lines" and knew exactly what Jay-Z was saying and inferring. And apparently some believe the allure of "Jay Hova's" lyrics, dipped in masonic innuendos, have risen exponentially like his bank account over the years.

So when the Blueprint "tray piece" hit stores and featured little more than three red horizontal bars on it, things went into a fever pitch. Run This Town, with it's post apocalyptic visuals, added to it and now comes the video for On to the Next One. As Paul Wall once said, it literally has the "internet going nuts."

Check it out:

Jay-Z ft Swizz Beatz- On to the Next One

There are pieces to the argument that make a whole lot of sense, but I generally do not roll too heavy on the conspiracy side of things. Call me naive, asleep or third eyeless, but I just think this is a weird ass video that features stuff that you would normally see in a metal video.

If nothing else, Jay-Z seems to have further capitalized on what people are "talkin' bout" by creating a video that gets even more people talking.

What do you think?

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