From Sampling to Orchestra

Last year, I posted a 9th Wonder interview in which he talked about the art of sampling. One of the points he made during the interview was how older musicians didn't respect the knowledge and talent of today's producers and DJs because they were sampling someone else's work and not creating original compositions from scratch (pun intended).

In making his argument, 9th specifically references the talent, skill and composition understanding it took Pete Rock  and J Dilla to creates classics such as T.R.O.Y. and Stakes is High by using elements of Tom Scott's Today and Ahmad Jamal's Swahililand respectively.

Now that it's 2010, I hope the muscians in question have come to appreciate the artform and respect the creators who hear pieces of one thing and can turn it into something completely new. But just in case they haven't, maybe hearing an orchestra play a HipHop beat will change their mind.

Check out the original:

J Dilla ft Guilty Simpson- Take Notice

And now the orchestral version:

The Sounds of VTech / Suite For Ma Dukes: Take Notice   

For more info on this project paying, "homage to the composer-arrangers that have influenced hip-hop in the most literal and profound ways," click here.

Shouts to Mochilla and V-Tech!

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