Mickey Factz is an interesting guy. Having been paying close attention over the last six plus months to what he's been doing, I've noticed a transformation of sorts. There was the standard hottest in my borrough to city to in the game phase, but he's way past that now. Maybe I'm caught up in the ALPHA movement a little to much to think anything else, but I definitely see a little of the Jean Grae/Phoenix/X-Men storyline in what is taking place.

Take for instance my first and only encounter with Factz. As I was walking back to the Blind I X DCtoBC showcase in Austin, I walked past Factz standing on 6th street. I stopped and went back to introduce myself. The thing I noticed was that in the chaos that was 6th street on the second day of the music portion of the conference, Factz was somewhere completely different. He was there looking around, but it was like he was somewhere else. After introducing myself, he went right back to wherever his mind was before I interrupted.

Who knows if and when the Phoenix will ever land. All we can do is watch it fly and listen when it speaks.Check out footage of Mickey Factz & Jade (Heart) rehearsing Ashes for his show on April 1st at Santos in NYC.

Mickey Factz Rehearsal: Ashes feat. Jade <3 from Ibe on Vimeo.

Ashes is featured on Factz latest mixtape, Dark Phoenix: ALPHA.

If you're in NYC and want some information on the show tomorrow, check the "flyer:"

Mickey Factz Santos Party House Video Flyer from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

Sidebar: In writing this post, I realized I never posted my ALPHA mixtape write-up. I get the gas face for failing to do so. Quickly, I'll say that one of the themes of the 'tape is motivation.

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