As I've tried to illuminate in my writings about him, there is no such thing as expected when it comes to Theophilus London. Well, unless you expect the unexpected. In the video for his first single from his new mixtape, I Want You, London literally takes us from the lights on the street to lights that even Jacques Cousteau never imagined in his day.

Check out Accept the New, a song about growth that goes 10,000 leagues under the sea...literally. The song was produced by Dam Funk and features his homegirl Va$htie and Jesse Boykins on background vocals.

Like I said- expect the unexpected. In a million years, I would have never guessed that I'd be watching clips from the greatest nature documentary of all time in the midst of a HipHop electro dance alternative.... I'll just take the easy route and go with music video.

Accept the New

If there was ever a title that was fitting of a song this would have to be it, right? But it's bigger than just this song. The title is almost like it's a manifesto in which London is telling everyone that this is what's now. What was, was. Get with the new or step aside.

London's new mixtape, I Want You, is hitting the net on April 28. It's said to be inspired by Marvin Gaye. It probably goes without saying at this point, but I'm looking forward to it.

For more info on the project, peep the interview he did a couple days ago with Complex.


Speaking of unexpected. The second leak from the mixtape is a cover of Tweet's Opps (Oh My). According to London this cover came about because he, "wanted to cover an edgy song."

Theophilus London- Oops (Tweet Cover) Produced by Hudson Hawke)

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