Bridging the Gap

Even though the debate of what's D.M.V. and what isn't still rages on, the one thing I try to do is support it all. Growing up in B-More, it's ingrained in us to not like D.C. and the surrounding MD counties (MoCo & PG) and vice versa. Even though we are close in terms of distance, there are definitely some areas that are as different as NYC and LA. But is that really enough to "hate?"

What's interesting to me is the adults that continue to carry this fictional, Hackfield/McCoy resentment. When I hear someone that should know better, I often wonder if they have ever been anywhere outside of their particular area. Having spent a lot of time in my adult life in D.C., I no longer see the need to not like people from the area. Are their still some differences, of course. But there are differences on the east and west sides of B-More. And I'd imagine the same is true in the various sections of D.C.

If you follow my writings then you've probably heard me say this before. Today's soap box sermon was inspired by the upcoming film, Bridging the Gap. The film is a historical account of HipHop in the D.M.V.

I'm extremely intrigued by the film because I'm not sure how "diverse" it will be. If it turns out that B-More isn't included, it will be disappointing, but I'll still be excited to learn. If you're interested in doing the same, come down to the Historical Society this Saturday from 1 to 5PM for one of three viewings of the film.

Shouts to Dre, Judah and everyone else that worked on it!

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