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In case you needed a little proof as to how big of a hit B.O.B.'s Nothin On You has become, see this video below for proof. My mother and sister are going to love this.

Home Run

Beyond being proof that B.O.B. has a hit on his hands, this video is also a prime example of how social media is changing how consumers interact with their favorite brands. And more importantly, how corporations behind brands should be willing to release ownership of their brands as long as the corporate ethics, morals and brand projection are not infringed upon.

Before the rise of social media and search optimization, consumers were limited in how they could go about expressing their affinity for the brands they loved. For direct communication you had comment cards, wrote a letter, talked to the manager or sent an email. There may have also been a Chick-Fil-A junkie message board or two, but the conversations were limited to those who knew where to go to have them. Now we have people like David Choi basically making commercials for one of his favorite brands with the ability to share it across millions of networks with the push of a button.

Who Benefits?

If you were to look at this video on the surface only, you would probably start and end with the video being a ploy to raise Choi's profile. But think about what it's also doing for Chik-Fil-A. Yes, they serve millions of customers each and every day (except Sunday), but how is this any different than one of the commercials they spend hundreds of thousdands of dollars on? Ultimately, the point is to drive people to the restaurant to make purchses.

In the eight days since it was posted, Choi's video has been viewed nearly 125,000 times, which is nearly double the amount of views that the lone Chick-Fil-A commercial* on YouTube has garnered- and it's been up for three years. You also have to take into consideration the reach advantage Choi's video may have over the Chick-Fil-A ad. While serving those millions of customer's there are markets without even one restaurant in them. But they may have seen the video (Actually some have. See the comments.) and now may be inspired to try the restuarant when they are in a market that has one. Or better yet, determined to do so.


As a marketing professional who spends my time working with clients who are looking at ways to properly engage in social media, this video is what everyone dreams of. Think about it. Who doesn't want free publicity that is in line with the standards of the brand?

The one downside to this is that other companies will see this and try to strategize a way to mimic the success of the video. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way. The reason why Chick-Fil-A will likely win from this video is because it appears to be truly organic and authentic (i.e. not from the Chick-Fil-A corporate machine).

Ultimately, the one of the keys is to produce a product and/or service that consumers love and want to tell others about. Then let them do it.

*Others were posted, but not by the company itself.

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