My Worst Nightmare

Unless you hate the NFL, don't live in DC Metro area or haven't turned on SportsCenter in the last 24 hours, then you know that the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins yesterday evening.

If you didn't know this, check the videos below. The first provides some information behind the trade from ESPN's Adam Schefter and the second is a clip of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid talking about the trade.

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Worst Nightmare

Here's why this trade is an NFL worst nightmare for me. Other than Baltimore losing our team again in the still of the night, nothing is worst to me than a competitive Redskins team. Why? Because I hate the Redskins and I hate what a competitve team does to it's fan base.

Even though their team has been terrible for the entire span of my adult life, they still have fans that talk too much ish to be supporting perenial losers. So what do you think will happen now that they have a real coach and a QB that hasn't been emotionally and pschologically damaged by a terribly-run organization? Case in point, sports talk radio prempted the regularly scheduled national broadcast of Mike & Mike to have a local show dedicated to the trade and what it means for the team. I can only image what is being said on Facebook and Twitter about this from the fans. All I know he, I would damn near prefer a lock out to having the Redskins be good again.


Another wrinkle to this is that I now have to make the tough choice of whether or not I will continue to support McNabb. Being a little bit older, I remember the days when a team having a black quarterback was a big deal. I also remember being able to count them on two fingers (Randall Cunningham & Warren Moon) with a half a finger devoted to the Raider's back-up QB at the time.

Things are different now, but McNabb was one of my favorite QBs in the league because of what he does on the field and how he carries himself off of the field. I didn't have to support him because of his skin color, because the league has changed to some degree. Now I may have to throw him under my hate bus until he goes back and signs a one day contract to retire an Eagle.

From McNabb's perspective, I understand why he wouldn't accept a trade to Buffalo or the Raiders, but I wish Arizona or Seattle would have stepped up to the plate and made an offer that he, nor the Eagles, could have refused. Instead, Dan Synder went back to being Dan Synder and got a great QB who has done more to win and create a winning culture than the never satisfied Philly fans seemed to appreciate. I hope they all get what they want out of the unproved Kevin Kolb, the newly annointed starter in Philly.

Stupidity to My Detriment

I like Philly. I have a good time everytime I visit, so I am confused why they would do this to me. Perhaps, they wanted me to feel a semblance of the misery that was five NFC championship games and a trip to the Super Bowl. Yes, they were virtually all losses, but ask Oakland, San Francisco, Washington and Buffalo fans if they would trade those "failures" for the habitual losing they have endured over the last decade. I bet half of them would say "hell yeah" before you even finished the sentence.

Yet Philly fans only saw the losses. Heartbreaking losses hurt. Trust me I know. I still hate Jeffrey Maier to this day because I felt like the Orioles would have gone to the World Series had he not cheated us.

The thing I never understood about the criticisms of McNabb was that folks seemed to place the blame soley on his shoulders. I understand that that is part of being the face of a franchise, but McNabb couldn't throw the ball to himself. Instead, he had to throw to the likes of Todd Pinkston and Freddy Mitchell. It also wasn't McNabb who decided to throw the ball 70% of the time because the team couldn't run the ball. In the first game of the 2008/9 season, the Eagles lost to the Bears because they couldn't run for one yard on the goal line. Is that all McNabb's fault too?

Typing this is bringing my blood pressure up, so I'll end it with another Philly hello (the middle finger) to their fans and organization and a set of ear plugs to drown out the talk from Redskins fans who have been rejuvenated by this trade. I wish both teams nothing but heartbreaking losses for the rest of the decade.

Go Ravens!

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