Ozzie & Ruby

Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't the HipHop generation's first married couple, but they are by far the most watched and talked about. The public and media are on them like The Police- every breath [they] take, every move [they] make, we are watching them. And it goes beyond just watching. We have even become body language and psychology experts that analyze every movement, word and action for interpretation of how they really feel about each other. It's no wonder they try to remain so private in the middle of the public eye of the storm.

Recently though, there seems to be an increase in public affection towards the two. Maybe they are becoming comfortable in the notion of being HipHop's version of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee. I can only hope Jay-Z and Beyonce follow the blueprint.

This past Friday, Jay-Z performed as the headlining act at Coachella, a three-day festival held in the desert of California. Peep some of the footage from the event, including Hov bringing the misses on stage to perform Young Forever, after the jump.

Intro/ Run This Town

99 Problems

Young Forever

I still don't like this song, but watching "The Couple" perform this was a nice spectacle.

Check out this write-up of the overall event for more information about Jay-Z's show and other performers.

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