Queen of Hearts

With the crazy amount of money Kelis is getting from Nas in child support each month, it would be easy for her to sit back and be a full time mom. Instead, she's working on new material for her upcoming album.

Having been gone from the scene as an artist since the failure that was Kelis Was Here, Kelis recently dropped a mixtape with DJ Replay that features, "dance remixes of Kelis' hits which include Milkshake, Caught Out There, Lil Star and Bossy." Also included on the 'tape is Kelis' new song Acapella and snippets of four new tracks I suspect will be on the new album.

To download Queen of the Hearts: Off with Their Heads, hit mixcrate. For tracking purposes, you will need to sign up. Or you can stream it by clicking on the player on the 'tapes page.

Check the video to acapella and one of my favorite Kelis videos after the jump.


Watching this video had me thinking I was either tripping on acid (definitely not the case) or watching a remake of Jennifer Lopez's The Cell.

The really good thing for Kelis and her fans is that she is back on her left of center steez. One of the things that separated Kelis from the pack was her penchant for "being weird." Rather than give us the typical visuals and sonic landscapes for her songs, Kelis always did it differently. It became her "it factor."

I'm not sure how she lost it or what caused the lost, but it's nice to see she's back to being her weird self. Actually, maybe some fo the credit belongs to Lady GaGa and the groundswell she has created by her public presentations.


Tasty is a classic in my book, but this song and video are what made me into a fan.

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