With today being a "national holiday" to many who enjoy...ummm, shampoo, I thought it was fitting to rewind the calendar 365 days and look back at the song that became the first offical leak from The Paxton's critically-acclaimed album Work.

While it may be easy to listen to the hook and pass it off as a simple ode to C. Sativa, you'd actually be missing the other factors that went into the creation of the song. Yes, rolling up plays a central role, but there's more to it. Smoke is equally inspired by Gangsta Pat whose I Wanna Smoke Pt. III was a certified hood classic in the Chi in the late 90s.

It's also important to note that Smoke is very much about a couple of experiences that are best told while putting one in the air. *Think Biggie's line before recapping the events of the day in  I Gotta Story to Tell*

Even though it's Dave that kicks Smoke off with a ode to Biggie before breaking down a close call between wifey and a jumpoff, it's Chris who delivers a verse that is truly on some I Gotta Story to Tell ish. Much like Big, Chris finds himself in the middle of someone else's relationship. Listen closely as this real life drama plays out in a smoke-inspiring verse. 

I wonder if dude knows he'll forever live in infamy because of his actions?

Take a few minutes to take a trip down Smoke road.

The Paxtons- Smoke

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