SXSW: Scotch Scorsese Edition I

I know I'm late as hell on posting some of the footage I captured at SXSW, but it's taken me some time to process all that went down, all the people I met, all the artists I got to see and just the overall event itself.

The other thing that has taken so long is that I wanted to edit the video and produce something that was high quality. For the most part I failed at doing so, but check out my first forays into capturing a live performance and trying to keep the footage live like you're really there.

The first clip features Homeboy Sandman dropping a pretty dope verse about the poisons of the food we consume. I understand that this may not appeal to all, but I thought the 'style was ill. From there we move on to a dude who's got a big buzz right now, so much that he recently signed a deal with Interscope records. His name is Yelawolf, he's from Alabama, and I promise that you will not see this coming. I actually have more to say, but that will be later this week.

The last artist in the first clip is CurT@!n$. I've been posting music, interviews and videos from this guy for a minute, so it was great to see how it all played out live. He simply did not disappoint. For whatever reason, I tried to be extra in the editing process of his performance. I go back and forth with whether it turned out right or not, but enjoy the energy. There is no way I could have taken that away.

Check it out after the jump.

The major theme of theese two videos is being exposed to artists I hadn't been up on. CurT@!n$ is an obviously doesn't fall into that bucket, but each of the other artists does.

Part two opens with the newly crowned XXL Freshman 10 memeber, Fashawn. Hailing from Fresno, this was my first time seeing or hearing any of his music. When the tribute to one of the best songs on one of the greatest albums ever dropped, I was all ears.

Next up, was an interesting gentleman by the name of Rockwell Knuckles. The St. Louis representative was one of the stars of SXSW in my humble opinion. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to the song. The sound and the subject matter are things you wouldn't expect to match, but that is the magic of Rockwell Knuckles. More from him will be coming as well.

The last performer I saw at this particular showcase was another artist with major buzz. Like Fashawn, he is also one of XXL's Freshmen 10. The name is Freddie Gibbs. The city is Gary, Indiana and the sound is straight gangsta. Once again, I have some thoughts on the young spitter coming up later this week.

As I stated earlier, I have a whole lot more footage coming in the next 10 days, so stay tuned.

Big shouts to Gotty over at The Smoking Section and Eskay over at Nah Right (and everyone that pulled this together) for putting on an excellent show. There were other artists that I wanted to see, namely Emilio Rojas, that I didn't get a chance to see, so I'll be trying to track down some footage from his performance as well.

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