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In addition to there being six million ways to die, there are also six million ways to become a rapper. Some start on a straight forward path with that one goal in mind, while others fall into the role from related angles such as being a producer, label head or DJ. Ultimately, the urge comes from having something to say.

One of the artists making the transition from behind the tables/boards to behind the mic is by Baltimore/D.C.'s DJ Face. If you've been ridin' with us for a minute, you'll probably remember Face as the camera man from a couple of different True School DJs adventures. You may also remember that Face isn't exactly new to rhyming- he got busy on E-Major's You Send Me, one of the best tracks on the Major Major mixtape.

Not one to just feature, Face is now stepping behind the mic full time for a new mixtape. The Truth Be Told mixtape will be releasing on April 27. Check out the first two leaks from the project, both of which are produced by Dischoe:

DJ Face- Listen to the Message

DJ Face- My Life

In addition to the mixtape, be on the lookout as well for his currently untitled album. It will feature production from the likes of Illmind and Khrysis, as well as Under Sound's Eddie Pearson.

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