It's Mostly the Voice

There's a lot of music that appreciate that I don't always think to talk about. Part of it is because I find myself trying to stay on the cutting edge of the new ish. The other part is probably based on the fact that it may have been a few years since I've listened to any material (new or old) from an artist. I either run across something on the net about them or pull their CD from the collection and wonder how I had forgotten about the album.

This post is dedicated to one of those ill MCs that I have failed to showing love to. He crushes just about every verse he spits and his voice is one of the illest I've ever heard on the mic. He goes by the name Evidence.

Check out this interview/spotlight he did with Vimby. In it, je talks about his new album, Cats and Dogs, becoming a producer and getting old in HipHop.

If love that authentic, Golden Era brand of HipHop and you don't know who Evidence is; do a little research, starting with Dialated Peoples.


Just one example

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