Lion's Mane

By no means is this a new song, yet it's smoothness remains as fresh as a pair of DS kicks. Amorous may very well be Jesse Boykins III "biggest" song, so it's only right to have visuals bring this classic to life. Says Boykins, "I’m happy to say I will be ending The Beauty Created visuals with this video. It’s definitely a moment in my career that I want to be a memory in all my fans and listeners mind. It’s also a thank you to all my supporters and a hello to new fans."

You'll notice that the video was shot in London. I suspect it was filmed during his trip over there a month or so ago. If you remember (or missed it), he did an interview with Soul Culture while across the pond. Check the interview, then check the video.

This is typically where I chime in about missing London and then encouraging you to take a trip. Instead, I'll leave you with this gem. If Trey Songz is the new R. Kelly, then Boykins may very well be the new Anthony Hamilton. I don't say that as a means to disrespect Hamilton nor overhype Boykins, but just know where you heard it first when it happens.


An interview with another UK outfit, Mesh Clips:

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